Friday, December 2


Im starting this blog over due to too much spam being aquired. That stuff is like mold it never goes away!Being its my graduating year this will be most likely filled with the tramas and tribulations of getting a job and praying my portfolio is good. (im not religous) Ill tend to exaggerate things abit becuase it gets it out of my system. So deal with it. :-P
This might tend to be a rollar coaster blog.. being my family cant seem to not have a trama every 6 months. But at the same time my family is very close so lots of good things will be here. Maybe an italian recipe or two.


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At 12:50 AM, Blogger Poetessa said...

Hello Aliea, It's been several years since you posted on my blog. How is your design work coming along?

I'm still drawing and I do some painting now and then. Our granddaughters prodded me into making hats for their Pullip dolls (Asian ball-jointed dolls), they are beautiful dolls and crocheting the hats for them has been fun. I'm now working on sweaters and skirts also. They're so tiny but it's a challenge and keeps me involved.

God bless you. I'll be checking your blog now and then. Much Love, Carol


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